And now…


An Important message

Robert R emailed me that many of your comments have not been posted. Thanks, Robert. I figured it out. From now on I’ll check the pending category. Now those old comments have now been posted. Sorry.

This story got me thrown out of 15 newspapers.

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  1. Nosegirl says:

    What a fantastic offer!! I would send off the $10 right now, but the mail service from Japan is absolutely horrible. I tried to mail my mother a St. Mother’s Day card but airmail was not being accepted. I was finally able to send it for her birthday in June, and she still has not gotten it. I put $50 in the envelope, too. Dern. Maybe it will be a Christmas card. I might try to drop Pierre a letter anyway. Is the address legit? I still have the dog hair from the last time. Is doggy still with us? If you want to try a cloning job…. I cut my own hair sometimes, and the hairdressers always seem to notice my expertise. You are a brave man.

  2. Nosegirl says:

    Can’t see comments.

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