And now a work from our sponsor…

No, no commercial, not today. Back years ago I let my hair grow and then offered locks for sale. I think I actually sold two locks. Some people will buy anything.

Two readers said comments still weren’t showing up. I looked and it all seems ok. Is there a problem?

Look what Frau Grace found amongst her junk:

It’s the little bonnet my mother had on me when she took me for my Christening. I was Christened into the Methodist Church in Village Green PA. I recall that it was a beautiful old stone church set among big old trees with the cemetery to the side. Village Green was my childhood home until 1950 when my old man bought a trailer and moved us into the Florida swamps. three miles outside of Chester, which is the oldest city in Pennsylvania and it looks it.

My mother said that, as she was waiting in the pew for the minister to call us up, I got into her pocketbook and smeared lipstick all over my face. I was probably trying to eat it.

My old friend, Connie, whom I’ve mentioned before, told me about the time about 35 years ago when she stopped in a motel. They had one of those vibrating beds. You put a couple quarters in the slot and it vibrates for 15 minutes or so. She put in the fifty cents, and enjoyed it for a while. But then the damn thing wouldn’t turn off. She said it was vibrating all night long. She didn’t get much sleep.

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