Yes, I heard from Pickle

They must have let him out of the insane asylum. It seems that he and Frau Pickle (aka Never-Shuts-Up Girl) have recently bought Harley Hogs. Pickle, being the one of the duo who is closer to a state of sanity, evidently bought a three-wheeler. You’ll find loads of three wheel bikes down here, especially in trailer parks. No motors, of course.

I mentioned in replying to Pickle’s comment, that I wish I still owned my 1948 Cushman Eagle that I owned in 1961. I found this photo on the internet:

I painted mine with grey house paint and red and yellow flames streaming out of those vents. Luckily there are no hills in Bradentoon or in Anna Maria Island. But we did have three bridges. I had to walk my Hog over the elevated spans. Once I clocked myself at 17 mph. You might remember that I did a story years ago where Arnold joined a motorcycle gang. He rode an Eagle just like mine.

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4 Responses to Yes, I heard from Pickle

  1. Chris M says:

    In 1960 I had a Mobylette, 50cc two stroke like this. Despite what you see, it was about as massive as the Schwinn three-speed bike it replaced. It in theory could make 35 mph. I actually drove it on a freeway. Once.,file=29287

  2. Robert R says:

    Oh god, visions of the pickle family in the old people sex tapes. My eyes, my eyes!

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