Movie critics in “Comics”

Siskel and Ebert you ain’t. I think Chris had it right when instead of the Cannes Festival, he suggested the Can Festival in Sturgis, South Dakota. That’s where the big motorcycle festival is held. I guess the cans he was talking about were beer cans. That’s all I can figure.

I owned two motorcycles in my life. well the first one wasn’t much of hog. It was my 1948 Cushman Eagle, 5 brake power. That was ca. 1960. Anna Maria Island is flat, but we had bridges. I would have to get off and help push it up the span. Top speed as I remember was about 17 mph. Remember, Arnold had a 1948 Cushman once.

Then around 1975 I bought an old 350 Honda. I lived in Tallahassee on El Rauncho Street at the time. (Officially it was named El Rancho, but the street sign said El Rauncho. It was a duplex. The guy next door piled his garbage against his kitchen wall and it ate through to my side.)  The neighborhood was on a  loop road. There were maybe 20-25 duplexes in there. I rode that bike around the loop three times before I crashed and  went to the hospital.

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