I fixed it

I don’t know why, when I post a video as “Public”,  YouTube changes it to “Private”. It’s happened before. I just have to be more careful. What happened this time is I finished the video just after 5:00 PM and scheduled it to be released at 5:45. So I didn’t double check. From now on I’ll publish the video immediately and check it.

I’ll have to see if I can fix the green screen bleeds. I’ve been using IMovie, and it’s very limited in that regard. I have an old Final Cut Pro on my old laptop. It won’t work on relatively new OS’s. I’ve tried to reinstall OS 10.3 on my older 2011 IMac, but it won’t let me do it. I’m going to see if Final Cut can handle green screens better.


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  1. Lisa B. says:

    What can Delores see in Harold, with his hillbilly teeth and terrible table manners? Surely she can’t prefer him to Pierre?

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