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I installed OS 11 Big Sur so I could try out Final Cut Pro, latest version. Big Mistake. Photoshop 5 won’t run on it, and 5 does everything I need.  I think I’ll reinstall 10.13 and then put 11.0.1 on an external drive. Meanwhile I’m trying out FCP 10. It doesn’t seem a whole lot better than IMovie. I think my problem with the green screen has to do with bad lighting. So I’m going to try some tricks. I had intended to buy some photographer’s lights and still do. Thanks for the advice in comments. I’ll try to get to them tomorrow.

I’ll also try to get to my email tomorrow. Remember, if you want signed copies email me by Wednesday. I or my secretary (Frau Grace) will get back to you soon. I’ll try my best to take care of business so we beat the Christmas deadline. I don’t know if I can make it on time to Europe. Thank you in advance for understanding.


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  1. Joe says:

    Bud, good luck with trying to go back a step with your Mac OS 10.16. As far as I know, once you’ve upgraded to the next generation, you can’t go backward, and as you’ve pointed out, various third party software falls off the perch with next versions. As a keen photographer I loved Apple Aperture and have tens of thousands of photo files in Aperture libraries and back-up vaults. In order to retain them, I set aside an iMac with several external drives and have them frozen in the time warp of Mac OS14.14.5 Mojave, the last OS that supported and ran Aperture. I then bought a new iMac that runs on the latest OS for everyday other stuff. Expensive solution, but it works.

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