Woah! Check it out!

Sven wrote a novelette based on the boys in Bayonne. I read it and had quite a few laughs. He said that I could pass it on. Thanks, Sven. He wrote:

This novelette is my gift to you, as a thank you for all the laughs you have given me throughout the years. Your stories about these guys in Bayonne have been like a refuge for guys like me who find the world to be not-too-tolerant to our sense of humor. Eighteen years ago when I first moved here to America from Denmark (to where I had moved from Sweden) I had to take my son on a trip through Bayonne just to see it. He asked what was so special about it. I think I still owe him an explanation… Living in Wyoming as I do now, I don’t socialize too much with the politically correct culture on the coasts, but I have gotten hefty doses of it from time to time through my work in politics. Writing this story has been almost therapeutic for me. Maybe I’ll pick up satirical humor as a new career… We’ll see.

Sven R Larson, Ph.D., Political Economist

Sid for Mayor

From December 12 1993, sorry no color file:

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4 Responses to Woah! Check it out!

  1. tom says:

    Sid for mayor was a fun story. thanks for sharing it. So how is Santa going to save Christmas this year?

  2. Anders Bolager says:

    A somwhat deeper delving into the Pirana Club members was quite a nice read. Good job Sven 🙂

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