Here’s some very good advice.

And it doesn’t come from me. It’s from my friend, Dr. Bruce Davidson, who is a noted pulmonary specialist in Seattle. He wants you to know the best way to avoid becoming ill with COVID. And it’s something the the tv doctors haven’t told you. He also presents facts about the annual flu vaccines that you’ve never heard. Listen up!

How to avoid COVID

Spencer is warming up for Christmas…

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3 Responses to Here’s some very good advice.

  1. Chris M says:

    Ask him if gargling with Bacardi is the same as mouthwash. If so, I’m in.

    I’ve been internally sanitizing for years.

    Speaking of rum and what with your Cubano population, do you ever see real Havana Club? I’m not talking about the fake stuff made in Puerto Rico, which is in every liquor store. The real stuff is being made in the old country and makes its way to Mexico and probably US shores like Florida. If you have a connection, email me. You have a new business awaiting.

  2. AndyW says:

    Good advice!!

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