What a cute little bird

First, my old friend John Jonik sent me a link to his blog of his political cartoons. John and I have been friends for about forty years. Among other very important political and social issues, he’s  very concerned about the tobacco industry.


What a pretty little bird at my studio window! It’s a yellow throated warbler. Isn’t he cute!

After a while, though…

I shooed him away

So I tried the old cut-out thing

And I sawed off the damn bird’s launch pad. He found a new one.

I took a picture of a great horned owl and made a cutout.

Well that didn’t work. But no stinking bird can out smart U No Hoo!

Another parrot and a toucan threw him off for about 30 seconds.

I tried a loggerhead shrike…

A screech owl.

A great horned owl.

Dammit. I fixed it. I took me a two and a half days, but no stupid bird can out smart the world’s smartest genius!

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6 Responses to What a cute little bird

  1. Fred Brewer says:

    I totally accept your claim that you’re “the world’s smartest genius”, but are you stable? Geniuses (genii?) have to be stable, or it doesn’t count, you know.

  2. Nosegirl says:

    Maybe it was looking for a place to make a nest. We have had parakeets and I tellya, the females are psycho when the hormones start flowin’!

    • budgra5_wp says:

      I’m pretty sure it was his reflection that he was fighting, The windows are somewhat mirrored to keep out some of the Florida heat.

  3. Dianne says:

    I had a similar interaction with male robin a few years ago that went on for several days. The solution that finally worked for me was to tape brightly colored plastic streamers to the outside of the window.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      I had big trouble with a red bellied woodpecker several years ago in Virginia. I hung everything I could think of next to where he was drilling a huge holes in my hollow porch columns.

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