Speaking of Elvis

The other night I watched Harem Scarem. That has to be Elvis’ worst movie. Last night I watched Spin Out. A close second. Too bad he died before I started making my cinemagraphic masterpieces. Right? Elvis could have made really great movies, but it’s my understanding that Colonel Parker wouldn’t let him. He had some sort of strange, unnatural hold on Elvis. Who knows what it was? It’s a pity.  They wanted him to play Tony in West Side Story. How great would that have been. It’s like when Ann Margaret played Nora in Tommy. Geeze. They should have cast Janice Joplin.

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3 Responses to Speaking of Elvis

  1. Robert R says:

    I agree. Hollywood has been dying for a long time.

  2. Lisa B. says:

    I just watched SPIN OUT today and I enjoyed it. It’s only the second Elvis Presley movie that I’ve ever seen, the other one being JAILHOUSE ROCK, which I watched a few days ago. I normally gravitate toward crime, horror, and action movies, so I’m trying to watch movies that I might normally pass by. Whatever one’s thoughts on the movies, there’s no denying that Presley was a good actor and a magnetic presence. Too bad that Col. Parker was guiding his career.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Elvis had it all. He wasn’t the greatest singer, the greatest dancer, the greatest actor, but he sure had it all. The looks, the moves, the total package. He was the greatest entertainer of the 20th century in my opinion.

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