How I make bean soup

Buy two pounds of large limas and two pounds of great northern beans. Dry, of course. Soak them over night. They swell up really big.

Drain them, rinse them then add a couple big ham hocks, some bay leaves, about a tablespoon of peppercorns, and be careful with the salt. Sometimes the hocks and the ham you add later are very salty. Cover with H2O and cook them for a few hours, not real hot, just below or at a slow boil. They take a long time to cook, and it’s easy to burn them. When they start to get tender, I turn off the stove and let them sit over night.

The next morning I take the meat off the hocks. Throw the bone and the skin and fat away. Cut a ham steak into bite sized pieces and add it. Back on the stove, again at a very slow boil. Be sure to stir. When the beans are tender, that’s it. Voila! That’s 2.6 gallons of really tasty bean soup. Serve with chopped onions and a generous side of Beano.

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  1. Chris M says:

    Great recipe! I always omit salt when preparing beans. At least with pintos, it makes them tough-skinned. You can always add salt later to taste. I also use a couple spoonsful of Nescafe Mexican instant and sometimes some biscuits of high cacao bitter chocolate. Both go well with pintos.

    Your choice of beans reflects your southern location. We never see your dried choices in the southwest.

    I substitute cilantro for the Beano as a side condiment. If the pintos are boiled long enough, no one has indigestion.

    Hocks have been unavailable in my part of the country. Do pigs get covid? I substitute bacon irregulars and cut into pieces. They come in a ten pound box and are very cheap. I do the same match by weight. I like it better without sauteeing the bacon, just dump it in at the start.

    I also use copious Lea and Perrins, maybe a spoonful of molasses, and several crushed cloves of garlic in a ten pound batch.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Southwest does things differently. Like chili. I love chili and I make it about once a month. With Beano. Does cilantro work like Beano?

  2. Robert R says:

    Beano? Afraid of scaring the neighbors? Invite them over and you will have something to discuss. At least it won’t be boring. Also I have found that women are often more “musical” than men. Scary.

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