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In comments Scott said that the browser on his old computer won’t play Vimeo videos. That’s a problem that happens more than it should. Right now I’m posting from my 2011 IMac. With this computer I sometimes have problems too. My new computer is a 2018. I just bought Frau Grace a 2019 IMac. Her old IMac is even older than mine. I had to buy her new one refurbished because the new Macs will only run on OS 11. That’s Big Sur. I’ve come across lots of bugs. I have to use Big Sur to run my Final Cut Pro, which is a terrific program. But I have an external bootable drive running OSX 10.14 (Mojave) I can use that to run Photoshop.

The reason I went to Vimeo is because quite often YouTube takes forever to upload. I’ll put the latest videos on YouTube today. I also intend to start a Facebook page and I’ll put it there as well. (I dropped Facebook when it came out that Zukerman was selling my info. Doesn’t he have enough money? I think I’ll also join LinkedIn again.

Pierre Doesn’t buy a Lottery Ticket

Steve S asked for this story way back in December. And then I forgot. Sorry for the delay, Steve.

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  1. Scott says:

    The characters now being able to walk in front of each other is a slick trick!

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