Have you heard…

About our governor here in Florida? Manatee County, where I live is going to get 3000 additional doses of the Covid vaccine. Governor DeSantis is giving all the shots to the wealthy Lakewood Ranch development. What a great guy, huh? Hey, the poor people (and we have plenty here) don’t deserve it.

By the way, and I’m not complaining, I haven’t gotten my shot yet.

I used to have a Facebook page, but I dropped it. I don’t particularly like Zukerman selling people’s data. But I broke down and I’m setting up a new page primarily for the videos that I’ve been making. I’m having some trouble. My posts don’t seem to show and I can’t add a bio. Any ideas?

Delores has a special announcement. (Here is the Vimeo link) (Here’s the YouTube link. It’s a slightly different cut)




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  1. Chris M says:


    This will take you to Hogno Han, Mongolia. You can turn on Street View and drive along the freeway, enjoying the sights till you get to the metropolis. Every house has a satellite dish! The bank and school are impressive too. Not one mobile home to be seen, so civilization has not quite arrived.

    Thanks Buddy. Here I thought this was merely a figment of your imagination. Now when travel resumes, I’ll have to see about a visit. I’ll mention your name to get a discount at the bar.

    It looks kinda like eastern Colorado with rain, at least an inch a year.

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