And now in the news…

Bear Bit Bare Butt

Did you read about the lady in Alaska who sat down in an outhouse, and a bear was in the hole? Can y0u imagine?!

Fred E sent me this. #4 kinda looks like my ex wife…

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  1. Scott says:

    Thank you so much for the tip on this bear situation. It’s marvelous.

    In the middle of Alaskan winter this lady took a snowmobile out to the yurt in a remote area where her brother and his girlfriend were staying. Because that’s what you do, is live in a yurt in winter in a remote bit of Alaska. So they get there and she needs to relieve herself. And of course there’s an outhouse because yurt’s don’t got no indoor plumbing. And bazaaam! Pow! Something bites her bare butt, as you exceptionally elegantly elucidated. She runs off and someone comes back and takes a peek. A bear! Later the footprints and a neighbor’s photograph shows it’s a little black bear and not a scary grizzly. Which is good. And then we find out this year’s salmon and berry harvests were really bad, terrible, the worst ever, for bears. So the bears that happen to be sleeping in septic tanks are very light sleepers. So sad. But the septic tanks with their decomposing substances must be fairly cozy so that is nice for them. And normally at these boondock yurt compounds the poor bears get a solid winter rest because who in their right mind arrives at a yurt in February?!?

    • Bud Grace says:

      Hulagu Kalmuk lives in a yurt. I had a grizzly bear dream three nights ago. Usually my dreams are really good, but this one was really scary. It went on and on. I couldn’t get away. I finally made it to some sort of lodge and made it inside. Then two SUVs drove up and a bunch of people got out. We yelled for them to get inside because of the bear. But two gals with them didn’t seem to mind. The one was a pretty blonde in a diaphanous pink gown. She was out there kind of showing off and two bears came. The big one ate the blonde. I don’t know what happened to the other gal. I woke up in a cold sweat. Whew!

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