I’m so proud!

Manatee County, that’s where I grew up and live now, hit the national news again, the second time in two months. Of course the firstwas when the Gov sent the extra Covid doses to the rich neighborhood*. Now we have our little version of the Love Canal. Even when I was a kid as we drove up US 41, just past the Giant’s Camp (Gibsonton), you could see the huge mountain of phosphate tailings sitting on the shore of Tampa Bay. By the way, it’s still there and bigger than ever. I just looked at Google Earth. I didn’t know there were huge holding ponds on top of it. But the holding pond that is leaking is south of there in Manatee County. About 20 years ago the phosphate company was in violation of pollution standards. The solution was simple, they just watered down the toxic waste so it wasn’t so concentrated. So they are going to drain the waste into Tampa Bay. I hope all the nitrogen doesn’t set off another wave of red tide. And I hope it doesn’t kill too many fish. Or manatees. There are a lot of industrial sites in Florida which are just waiting for a disaster to happen.

*Don’t accuse me of getting political. This is simply a fact.

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4 Responses to I’m so proud!

  1. Scott says:

    This comic inspired me to make tuna salad sandwich for dinner.

    Diced purple onions, diced pickles, mayo, tuna, black pepper.

    Preferably on either sourdough or pumpernickel or rye.

    It’s good. Mom used to make it. I feel stress any time I have to buy tuna these days.

  2. Walter Parker says:

    So he sent it to your neighborhood. You should be glad. We have a great Governor!

    • Bud Grace says:

      Actually, I live in a pretty good neighborhood. But we didn’t get it. It went to the huge development to the east of I-75, Lakewood Ranch. It’s full of rich Yankees, y’all.

  3. AndyW says:

    So the phosphate mine is close to you? In Arizona we have foreign firms creating shell companies to mine uranium. They pull millions of dollars out and end up poisoning the aquifer (not to worry, it’ll recharge in a thousand years). And the shell company goes bankrupt. Now the state has to deal with the tailings. Happens over and over.

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