Big Contest

Ok, Here are the answers, and here are the winners:

First place is David O. who named 6. (He actually won the first phase with 3, and then he won the second phase with 6, but he only gets one prize.  Tough titty, David)

Second was Richard B. who named 3 in phase 1, but it was also the best is phase 2, so he is second place.

Third place was Ove H. He only got one right, but he was the earliest entry with one correct.

I’ll email the winners. Now here are the answers:

Two cartoonists are partners on a very popular strip. One writes (although he is also an excellent cartoonist) and the other one draws it. You should be able to figure out which two they are by the photographs. Rick Kirkman on the far left of the photo, and next to him is Jerry Scott. Together they do Baby Blues. Jerry also writes Zits, and years ago he drew Nancy.

One cartoonist who is now deceased had two comic strips drawn in the same style. That’s my dear departed friend Mel Lazarus. He drew Momma and Miss Peach.

Two other cartoonists are father and son. Bil Keane, far right and Jeff Keane with the chef’s hat. Family Circus

One is a political cartoonist. Bruce Beattie in the striped shirt.

One cartoonist is African American. (Duh) Steve Bentley of Herb and Jamaal.

As for the lovely Billie, that’s Bill Hinds who draws Tank McNamara, Buzz Beamer and Cleats.

Somebody named me, but I don’t count. The photos were from a brochure that we did for the National Cartoonist Society convention in Scottsdale Arizona in 1993. Thanks to all of you who entered. I’ll make the next contest easier.


If you haven’t seen the Lovely Billie photos, that’s what this is all about. As you might have guessed, The lovely Billie wasn’t really my first wife. No way I could have carried her over the threshold. And the two of us are not, as one reader surmised Uncle Sid and Elvis
Zimmerman in drag. I realize that Elvis enjoys dressing like a woman, but that wasn’t Elvis. The question is who was it? You know the little guy of course. But what about the entire hotel staff. Here’s a hint: They are all syndicated American cartoonists. Two, unfortunately, are no longer with us. These photos are from 1993. Who can name the most of these cartoonists? Who can name their comics? If you have the name, the comic should be easy. Here is the hotel staff. I know that It’s grainy, but it’s the best I can do:

Name these cartoonists from 1993. Don’t forget the lovely Billie. Email me as soon as you can. The three first best answers win. The contest will run for two weeks. The top winner gets to chose first, the second chooses next etc. Professional cartoonists are ineligible.  Here are the three prizes: