Video advice

This one is from Mark S

This is from Fred E. How they make face masks in India.

And this one is from outer space:

From 1992, Ernie has a bad tooth.

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Did I ever show you a picture of Loinfruit? Here he was 30 years ago. I took care of him while Frau Grace worked.


Here he is now.


From 1995. I don’t have the color file.

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Went to the grocery store today. That’s about it.



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I guess everyone with any brains is still hunkered down as much as humanly possible. I sure am. Not that I have that many brains any more. We’ve been home now for over two weeks, only out twice for groceries and to check for toilet paper. Actually I’m ahead of that game. Did I mention that last year I installed one of those cheap bidet hoses that you attach to the toilet intake. Ah, it makes me feel so fresh and clean. I know you want to hear that.

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Buddy the Gardener

I grow a few things on my caged pool patio…



Who can name these herbs?

I built that potting bench 6 or 7 years ago.

The pineapple is in my front yard. It’s nice foliage as well. Frau Grace won’t let me buy pineapples any longer. I always plant the tops.

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Hi there. Tuesday.

Did you ever hear Buddy Valentine sing a Bee Gees song?

Whew! What golden tonsils! You ought to see him down at the Karaoke Palace!

DBLT* with bananas

*duck bacon

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Stay the F*** at Home

Watch out. This little ditty contains some bad words. But it’s good advice.

Stay the F*** at Home

The link to the video of me making spaghetti didn’t work.

Here is a new link.

BTW, I cooked some of my spaghetti last night. It was good. The only mistake I made was hanging it on a coat hanger to dry. I had to break it to get it off. Next time I’ll lay it out flat.

I’ve put together new collections: 88-89-90, 93-94 and 15-16. I’ll make the final daily collections available when I finish them all. That should be in about two months or so. I’ve just started working on 01-02. Then I’ll have 2017-2018, although 2018 is only one month.

This little story is from the week of March 1, 2002. Arnoldine is in training for a new profession.


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Spaghetti, the morning after

I think maybe my spaghetti recipe needs some fine tuning.

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How to make spaghetti

I put together a little video:

Buddy Makes Spaghetti

If you watched the video, I had the proportions wrong. Use two cups of flour and 1 cup of warm water.


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Larval Son of a Bitch

I finally caught the son of a bitch that was eating my basil!


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