Legal Ethics Part 5

Oops. I posted today’s (Saturday’s) post yesterday. So I’m posting Fridays (yesterday’s) post today. It’s hell getting old. I try to post the next day’s post the night before so people in Europe can see that day’s post in the morning. Right now it’s 4:30 PM Friday and I’m posting Saturday’s blog.

I’ve had lots of requests for original strips, and I’m trying to catch up. I apologize for taking so long. Also I’ve had lots of requests for me to post old strips. I’ll get to them eventually. Unless I get mixed up like I always do.

The thing I want to remind you about is that Sunday morning at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time I’ll announce the contest to win a free strip. The first answer that is most complete will win.


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Legal Ethics Part 6

Hey, If I had a bone in my nose I could pass.

Did I show you what Loinfruit gave me for my birthday? This box has a kit with sorts of stuff in it.


The idea is you have to ground yourself or you’re like an isotope or something. Who wants to walk around all day full of excess electrons? There’s that blanket that you can ground and wrap around you, but  I think the main thing is the grounding strap. The idea is you plug the one end into the grounding hole in your wall socket. (In Europe it’s different. Your grounding hole isn’t like ours. If you tried to use this thing you would probably electrocute yourself.)  So I tried it when I was sleeping. Here’s the cord and the grounding strap hanging on the bedpost.

That orange strap is what you wrap around your wrist or ankle. Maybe your neck would work. I slept with this thing around my ankle. About four o’clock in the morning I got up to hit the can and fell flat on my face halfway to the bathroom.

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Legal Ethics Part 4

As an alternative there is the leaf from the Giant Tree Philodendron.

The thing in the pot is an asparagus fern. I tried it. It doesn’t quite do the job.

The 1995-1996 collection will be available o Amazon in a day or two. And if you haven’t been here for a while, I’m holding a contest for someone to win a free original. It’s open to everyone except other cartoonists. Be sure to check in around 9:00 AM EST time. The earliest most correct answer wins.

Slick Willie O’Haberman was originally called Slick Willie Haberman. He was named after a  friend of mine from long ago whose name was Haber. Haber doesn’t sound funny, so I called him Haberman. How dumb I am. I got a nasty letter from the Anti-Defamation League. Believe me, I was totally innocent. I changed his name to O’Haberman.

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Legal Ethics Part 3

To continue, next you string the leaves on a cord like this:

Then, Voila!

A cannibal skirt just like the cannibals wear on Bango Bango! Where’s my stew pot?!

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Legal Ethics Part 2

This big branch fell off my backyard neighbor’s tree:

This is the tree:

Just what I was praying for. I’ve wanted one of those branches since I moved in. Here’s what you do:

First you cut off the the big leaves, or whatever they are.

See? Then you take one of these hole punchers:

And punch holes:

Oops. It’s late. More tomorrow

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Legal Ethics Part 1

I’m announcing again an upcoming contest. I will give you the details next Sunday. I will post the contest at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time so everyone has an equal opportunity to win an original comic strip. The contest will involve the stuff in the link “The Lovely Billie”. Click the menu item above. Some people have had trouble accessing the page. Please email me if the link doesn’t work for you.

By the way, I finally caught up on my email. Whew!

I have two married friends, a lawyer and his wife. When I first got to know them several years ago, she showed up at the bar alone one evening. I asked where her husband was, and she told me that he was out of town defending a client who was on trial. I said “So, he’s putting criminals back on the street.” She said “Oh, no, he only defends other lawyers.”

Did you know that there is some kind of Lawyers Anti Defamation League? They want to stop lawyer jokes. Hey, as far as I’m concerned, it’s much more important than stopping wars! Years ago when Slick Willie first appeared, I got a nasty letter from them.

Speaking of which, Richard F asked for this:

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Big Contest!

I hope you’ve been keeping up with and paying attention to my first marriage to The Lovely Billie, because I’m going to have a contest. The winner will get an original Ernie/Piranha Club strip. I don’t want to describe the contest today. I want everyone to have a fair shot because there might be a tie. The winner will be the person with the best solution with the earliest date and time on his/her email. I’ll post the contest at 9:oo AM Eastern Standard Time next Sunday, February 25. OK? The winner will receive an original comic strip. You will have to email me your solution. I’ll close the contest two Sundays after that and announce the winner. So next Sunday morning be sure to check in.

I’ve been updating the 1995-1996 collection. I’ve found the best way to get around all the formatting problems that happen when using Microsoft Word. So now I hope that putting together collections will be much faster and go more smoothly. The 95-96 collection should be available this coming week. I have to update the 2009-2020 book, and I’m working on the 1997-1998 collection. And as I mentioned before, don’t go for the scalpers on Amazon. Somebody was asking $275 for one of my books. I’m sure it was Uncle Sid.

For those who have requested that I post particular strips, it may take me a while to get to it. But I will. I forget who asked for this one from 1992. Obviously a cat lover. Sorry, I don’t have color files before 1996.



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Enos Quits Smoking 6

More photos of Billie and me on our heavenly honeymoon… 

A couple people have sent messages saying that the links to Billie don’t work. Since I’m almost finished, I’m adding the link to my menus. Be sure to check the link on Sunday. There will be something special.

Also, as I said before, I’m not good on running this thing. I found messages from way back that I hadn’t seen. I’ve answered them all now. Trouble is I get lots and lots of spam. I’ll see if I can get a plugin to help. Before I changed servers I just did away with comments because of all the spam. Also, I am still working through all my emails. I’ll get it done for sure this weekend.

Here’s the end of Enos’ attempt at stopping smoking. It always bothers me when I see a young person smoking . There are two final strips here. I didn’t publish this first one. I was afraid that some kid might try it.

This was the replacement:

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Enos Quits Smoking 5

Billie and I were like a couple of kids! How she loved that water slide!


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Enos Quits Smoking 4

I know that everyone is enjoying this little peek into my intimate life with my first wife, Billie. On our honeymoon at La Cucuracha Resort in Shreveport we played like a couple of kids!


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