I’m Going to Belize.

Yes, Folks, tomorrow morning I’m leaving out of Tampa for a cruise to Belize. Oh, it goes other places down there, but Belize is where they make my favorite hot sauce:

(I buy the big bottles) So I’ll be hors de combat till Sunday, February 24. Sorry. But I’ll have slides of my vacation when I get back, and I know how everyone loves to look at slides of other peoples’ vacations. Till then, go ahead and take a gander at old posts. I don’t know how far they go back.

Here are the Friday and Saturday strips from the week of January 31, 2005. Incidentally, just by coincidence, Tom T just now acquired this first strip. Tom, if you read this, I put it in the mail a couple of hours ago.



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Isn’t This Nice?

Years ago, check the date, I was at a gathering, I forget which, and a bunch of readers gave me this little award. I still appreciate it immensely. If by any chance somebody out there signed it, please let me know. It was twenty years ago. I think it might have been in Philadelphia.






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Frank Crummit

I had a comment about black face impersonations, and it brought to mind minstrel shows, and then Frank Crummit who appeared in minstrel shows. I’ve mentioned him in past posts. He had a string of novelty hits from  the twenties into the forties.  I guess his two biggest hits were Abdul Abulbul Amir and The Gay Cabellero. He had some songs which were definitely minstrel songs, but most of them were not. Here are three good ones:

Ukelele Lady

Bootlegger’s Daughter

The Pig…


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A Little More Laurel and Hardy

Laurel was English and Hardy was an American from the Midwest. A few days ago I gave a link to a Bradbury short story which has to do with one of their one-reelers. If you’ve never seen it, you really must. They were comic geniuses.

The Piano Box




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Buddy Holly

I should have thought  of this on the third of this month. It was sixty years ago on that date that he died. I remember so well waking up to the news on the radio. I was really and truly devastated. I didn’t have much money, but I had bought Peggy Sue for my sister. Flip side was Everyday. What brought it to mind was that I was listening to Buddy on YouTube, and up popped McCartney from years ago with a documentary that he had put together. You know, of course, that Buddy had a great influence on him. The name Beatles was inspired by the name Crickets. If you’re a fan of early Rock ‘n’ Roll, and particularly Buddy, first here’s a little tribute by Paul. Here’s  McCartney’s documentary.

This week some stand alone gags from February 2005

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Nothing Today

Nothing much today. Tomorrow they tear the roof off my house. Sorry. But here’s a Sunday from this time of year in 2023:






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Did You Read This?

New Hampshire court upholds women’s topless conviction

“…Heidi Lilley, Kia Sinclair and Ginger Pierro are part of the Free the Nipple campaign…”

Check it out!

Hey! I agree! Men show their nipples. It’s not fair. Heck, I’ve seen five or six ladies’ nipples in my lifetime. No kidding. (I guess that would four or six, not five or six. It’s my understanding that they come in pairs.) The first time I saw some was when I was a little baby. I really don’t remember what they looked like. I was too busy having dib-din.

Remember grade school? I went to Anna Maria Elementary, and in Mrs. Lark’s fifth grade class there was a bookshelf lined with old National Geographics. (Recall the cover that I posted a couple of days ago with me and the monkeys) Baaaaybeeee! You may also remember the photo I posted a few years back. The one of my first wife:

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAY-BEEEEEEEEE!!!!!    See that spear? Let some stupid New Hampshire Supreme Court judge tell Bonga (that was her name) to cover those nips, and you’d have one dead Supreme Court judge with sunshine filtering through his severed thorax!

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What Frau Grace Eats for Dessert

That chocolate head used to be connected to a full torso… Ok, I’ll show you the full birthday presentation:

She must have eaten the shorts when I wasn’t looking.

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Blame the monkey…

Right.  I’ve always been fascinated with monkeys. When I was a kid you could buy a monkey in the comic book ads.  The same page where they sold you x-ray specks and whoopie cushions, and a submarine made out of cardboard  big enough to hold you and one of your buddies. But best of all was a monkey so tiny it would fit in a coffee cup. And my old man was so cheap he wouldn’t buy me one. When I was a little kid in Pennsylvania, Janet Hennike (I put a picture of her sister, Ginger, in that video)… Janet was about five years older than I, and she won first prize at some sort of Sunday School contest. Top winner in the entire church. She had her choice of two prizes. One was a Bible, and the other prize was a monkey. She took the Bible. What a dope! Remember when Spencer had the pet monkey? It came from a test laboratory where they made it smoke cigarettes 24-7. Anybody remember that story? I think it’s in one of my collections.

Image result for comic book ads

Image result for comic book ads

Image result for comic book ads

Image result for comic book ads

Spencer would buy stuff like this. Chewing gum that turns you teeth black, plastic vomit, and best of all, stink bombs!



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I’ll bet you never saw this…

The date on the cover is 1995. It was a photo shoot from 1994 for publicity, and the picture was later used for the National Cartoonist Society annual convention. When they did the shoot they had this cute little monkey to pose with me. They told me that she was very gentle and easy to work with. If you look closely at my crotch you can see that it’s all wet. As soon as they turned the monkey loose she dumped over a tray of champagne on me . She started screaming  and jumping all over me. They got her off me, but it was without question that she hated my guts. They posed her alone and then Photoshopped her in to the photo of me. See the tray that she’s sitting on? That’s the one she dumped on me. I still have that shirt.

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