I have a rotten cold.







Oops. Can’t make jokes about the Salvation Army! (Incidentally, the Salvation Army is my favorite charity. They  d0 lots of good things for people. The CEO makes about $65,ooo per year. Compare that to the over $500,000 for the Ceo of the Red Cross. I’m not sure about the numbers. It’s hard to believe what you read on the internet.) I’ve given theSalvation Army two cars.) Here’s what was published.

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Frau Grace got sick. We’re going back to Florida Friday, a couple days early.












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Sid Gets Some Class









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What Drives Me Nutz…

We’re at our house on the Chesapeake. I wanted to take a shower, but we seem to be out of soap and shampoo. Does your wife do this? We’ve been married 40 years. Every time we stay at a motel she takes those little bottles of stuff from the bathroom. So now we have this:

For 40 years she’s been collecting this stuff. And 95% of it is BODY LOTION. She never uses body lotion. Those four black ones on the left. All body lotion from Caesar’s Palace. We were in Las Vegas 20 years ago. Drives me nuts.

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Still away from Paradise

Tomorrow I go over to my old place on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake. My flowers should be blooming. I’ll take a picture.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in the big bang and the origin of the universe, my friend, Howard Bender, has an interesting YouTube video.

This Sunday is from April 2003 . You might know that I’m an opera fan. Brunhilda is having some throat issues

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What Day Is It?

Just got back from  a party. It’s 10 minutes after midnight. Whew! I’m too old to do this any more.






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Friday, April 12

Still in Virginia. Will be till Monday.







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I’m in Virginia

I’ll be here ad in Maryland for a week and a half. Sorry, my posts may be a little spotty for a while.







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Leaving Paradise

…Tomorrow morning. I’ll be up in Northern Virginia and Maryland for a week and a half. If my posts are a little more spotty than usual, I have an excuse this time. BTW, if anybody lives up there near Falls Church, I’ll be at Pistone’s Italian Inn at Seven Corners tomorrow (Thursday) night. I’ll get there around six PM. Stop in, I’d like to say hello.




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Mado Salsa

Lisa B, who sent me the bottle of Mado’s Salsa, would like my report. I made chili and tacos a couple of days ago and tested her hot sauce. It’s not tomato based, so it doesn’t really go into my chili – by the way, I make great chili. I ought to move too Texas and enter one of those chili cook off contests – But it’s very good and different. It tastes like green pepper chili. Medium spicy. I used it as a condiment. I can see that it would be very good with some sort of  chicken enchiladas or something like that. I’ll try it when I get back. Thursday we’re heading up to my old stomping grounds to take care of some matters. I’ll be gone about ten days. My posts may be a little spotty till then. And thank you, Lisa.

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