That Dam Contraption

Thanks to Steve H and Chris M for info about that machine. Chris wrote:

It’s called the Fallenbach Gorge.  It’s the Amden dam, near Amden in the canton of St Gallen, Tyrol (eastern Switzerland).  The canyon and river are noted killing sporty people.  You and I are safe.

And he gave this link

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Y0u might know that I’ve been working on putting together collections of daily strips. Well I finally finished although the books still need copyright data and submission to the publisher. It’s very time consuming, so I’ve written some routines that take away some of the repetitive work. This video illustrates how I use a program called Quickeys to insert pages into my Word document which will become a book.

Insert Pages into Word

By the way. I thought I was finished a week ago, but then I found some errors in the 88-89-90 collection It took me 8 days to straighten it out. This particular book covers the first three years of dailies.

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My server was down today. It’s real late. Almost 9:00. We old people get sleepy early.


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That dam excavator machine

Chris M left some links about that machine from yesterday in COMMENTS.

A walking spider excavator, Swiss. A summary:

The Menzi Muck site tells more:

Thanks, Chris.


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Just Wow!

Fred E sent me this. I sure hope that guy makes more money than I ever did. And who in the world designed and built that machine?

Spurs aren’t nearly as bad as a branding iron or a harpoon.

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The way I first drew it:



The way it appeared. Notice I didn’t lose the Queequeg harpoon. I read Moby Dick when I was 16.

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Arnoldine the Babysitter

This is from 2005. Arnoldine has her hands full…


In the published version I left out the branding iron.

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Another monkey joke. This is from May 2007.



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More help on home made face masks.

Laurel Hoffmann sent me a video via Comments about how to easily make a face mask. She’s got to be a lot better at it than I.

Laurel’s video

You know, I really appreciate it when people take the time to send me stuff. Thanks, Laurel.



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Fred E sent me this commencement address. I’m passing it on because Loinfruit gets his masters in urban planning from Virginia Tech tonight. Believe it or not, he’s pretty sharp. And he knows more about renewables and energy efficiency than anybody I ever heard from. He’s very dedicated to helping bring about a green future for the planet, even though he tells me that he doesn’t want to be reincarnated here. Nor in this Galaxy. He wants to show up next time in a different universe.

The speaker here is very good. He speaks of his father who dropped out in the third grade. My father had to drop out in the third grade when he was 8 years old. He went to work shoveling coal in some steel works. That was in 1909. And the speaker quoted his father several times. On thing he said struck me because my father, who died when I was 14, used to tell me the same thing. “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

Thanks, Fred.

Commencement Address

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