I Hate to Beat a Dead Horse

Or a dead pig, as the case may be, but I went to the supermarket today to do a little research.

In case you can’t read the Greensboro ingredients, here’s an abbreviated list: Pork fat, Pork livers (look at me. I’m typing capital “P”s when I type “pork”. Guess why.) Beef trim (What the heck is beef trim?) and pork skins.

Rapa has pork livers, pork fat, pork skin and pork hearts. If you go back to yesterday’s post you’ll notice that Kirby Holloway scrapple has the same fine ingredients (except the beef trim) that the other brands do. Except the Kirby Holloway has ADDED SUGAR! When you have delicious, excellent ingredients that most other scapple has, why do you have to screw it up by ADDING SUGAR?! I’ll tell you what, you know how narrow toilet paper drives me nuts – this is burns me up just as much.

I guess you’re wondering about my culinary review of the Kirby Holloway.

Yum is right!

I like to put ketchup and Marie Sharp’s hot sauce on it…

And eat it in a sandwich. My epicurean review: Good (all scrapple is good), but a little mushy and I hate sugar in my food.




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Eat More Scrapple Part 2

I went to the Giant Supermarket in Easton Maryland today and I found this:

I’ll let you know tomorrow how good it is.  It’s got good ingredients: pork liver, pork fat, pork skin, pork hearts… The only thing I don’t like in the list of ingredients is the sugar. I hate sugar added to my food. Why do they have to spoil delicious food by adding sugar?! Geeze. Old Charles, my mother’s second husband (my father died when I was young) Old Charles in his Midwest drawl used to say “Mixin’ ice cream and horse shit don’t improve the flavor of either one.”

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If you ordered something and I didn’t contact you today, shoot me an email. I’m at my house in Maryland. And I wish I were back in sunny Florida.

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Secondary Education

     I believe I’ve mentioned my old high school political science teacher before. Marion Brady.  He was the best teacher I had. He didn’t last too long there. He did something that some of the parents didn’t like. He taught us kids to think. I believe that it’s still true that many parents want their children to be indoctrinated rather than educated. He’s well into his eighties now, and he’s still stirring the pot. He sent me this link recently, and if you’re and educator or if you have kids who are in school, you might find this interesting.

        Keep it up, Marion.

If you asked for a poster or something else, I will contact you tomorrow, and, hopefully, I will get everything in the mail this week. That includes the people who are expecting strips that I retrieved (I think – My neighbor was supposed to take them off my porch where the UPS guy left them) from the archives.

As for me, I have a miserable cold, first one in about four years. I’ve never sneezed so much in my life!

Oops! Ernie has a bad tooth this week. I remember when I was four years old my mother took me to the dentist. He gave me laughing gas. Far out man! What follows is a real real stupid gag.

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Eat More Scrapple

I’ve talked about Scrapple before.

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Miserable Day in Our Nation’s Capital

Cold and it’s been raining all day. I can’t wait to get back to Florida.





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I’m So Happy

I finally got back to my barber in Herndon, Virginia, and got a good haircut. Remember? I posted my last cut that I got in Bradenton? Just a reminder:

1. Before

Bub cuts my hair in Virginia:

2. After

Mighty sexy! If you want a good haircut in Northern Virginia, here’s a plug for the Dulles Park Barber Shop:

(Vapology has the shop upstairs)  Thanks, Bub.


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Happy Thanksgiving

If you’re not in the USA and if you don’t know what our holiday is about, it’s about eating turkeys. I guess that in my lifetime I’ve eaten about 600 turkeys or so. It’s a wonder they’re not extinct. When I was young we had a huge family. All the women had their special dishes which were the same year after year. I used to eat so much that I was sick for a couple days after. I don’t do that any more. Since we had to be away from home today (We’re in  Virginia) we had our Thanksgiving dinner two weeks ago before we left Florida. Mighty tasty.

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 by the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachessets. It was attended by 53 Pilgrims and 90 American Indians. Here are two paintings of the first Thanksgiving. This is by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe painted in 1914:

This one is by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris ca. 1930:

Here is a famous painting of the Thanksgiving feast by American Artist, Norman Rockwell. It’s called Freedom from Want.

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Hello From Virginia

And I wish I was back in Florida. I’ll be here until December 16. Next Monday I’m going over to my place  on the Chesapeake. I have to stay here Virginia till then. When I get over there I’ll take care of your requests for posters etc. I can’t do it here. Since I don’t have much to add just now – I’m stuck in a cheap hotel – you’ll have to endure a visit from Buddy Valentine:


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Hello, Folks.






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