What Day Is It?

Just got back from  a party. It’s 10 minutes after midnight. Whew! I’m too old to do this any more.






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Friday, April 12

Still in Virginia. Will be till Monday.







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I’m in Virginia

I’ll be here ad in Maryland for a week and a half. Sorry, my posts may be a little spotty for a while.







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Leaving Paradise

…Tomorrow morning. I’ll be up in Northern Virginia and Maryland for a week and a half. If my posts are a little more spotty than usual, I have an excuse this time. BTW, if anybody lives up there near Falls Church, I’ll be at Pistone’s Italian Inn at Seven Corners tomorrow (Thursday) night. I’ll get there around six PM. Stop in, I’d like to say hello.




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Mado Salsa

Lisa B, who sent me the bottle of Mado’s Salsa, would like my report. I made chili and tacos a couple of days ago and tested her hot sauce. It’s not tomato based, so it doesn’t really go into my chili – by the way, I make great chili. I ought to move too Texas and enter one of those chili cook off contests – But it’s very good and different. It tastes like green pepper chili. Medium spicy. I used it as a condiment. I can see that it would be very good with some sort of  chicken enchiladas or something like that. I’ll try it when I get back. Thursday we’re heading up to my old stomping grounds to take care of some matters. I’ll be gone about ten days. My posts may be a little spotty till then. And thank you, Lisa.

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Sid, the Block Buster

If you don’t know what a block buster is, Sid will teach you. (And I don’t mean a Schwarzenegger movie) This story followed the Giant Rat of Sumatra story in 1990.






By the way, when I was 14 my father died. When I went away to college, My mother had a  series of questionable suitors. They mainly came over and mooched dinner. That’s where that running gag came from.

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The Giant Rat of Sumatra.

Steve H. and Chris M. both recognized the origin of the giant rat of Sumatra in the last story. It came from the Conan Doyle Short story. I had completely forgotten about that. Of course, I drew that story almost 30 years ago. Us old guys tend to forget sometimes.

Lasse Åhman and Bob Alianiello both knew the answer to the question I posed on the March 4 post. But they were a little off track. I wasn’t a nuclear physicist. I was an atomic physicist. Nuclear physics is very high energy stuff, as you know. I performed the lowest energy scattering experiment that’s been done. I collided small atoms and molecules, helium, hydrogen and deuterium, at relative velocities of around 100 meters per second. I was looking for, and found, the Ramsauer-Townsend effect for these interactions. That’s where the cross section for the collisions goes to or approaches zero. Twenty years after my group published our work, another group at a different university, performed the same experiment, thinking that they were the first. They didn’t research the literature very well.

But all that being said, leaving physics and drawing cartoons was the best decision I ever made in my life. I’ve been so very fortunate.

Today is Loinfruit’s birthday. He’s 33. I posted a picture of him and his stinky beard on April 4. That was from when we were at the hockey game.

Here’s a Sunday, also from 1990, April 8. Sorry, it’s from before I started using a computer to color, so all I have is the black and white. Think back to the Love Canal disaster.

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The end of the giant rat of Sumatra

I still haven’t had time to get rid of the menu on the right. One of you gave me some help a couple of months ago, but I still haven’t gotten to it. That being such as it is, I’ll dig out an old photo to take up this space. Lessee now…

Ain’t that interesting?!


Oops! That one didn’t make it. I wonder why.

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Ol’ Rathbone Returns…








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Last Saturday Loinfruit took me to an NHL game in Tampa. It was special because he’s a big Washington Capitals hockey fan having lived up there all his life till now. And this was a special game. The Tampa Lightening is right now the best team in the league, having won the third most games historically in a regular season. And the Caps are the current champions. We, of course, were rooting for the Caps, although the Lightening is our second favorite. They had won the previous two meetings, but, YAY!, we won this one 6-3. We had great seats as you will see if you watch the video. That number 8 is Alex Ovechkin, one of the all time greatest players. You can see him taking a couple slap shots. At the end of the game he made one just like that. He had two goals and T.J. Oshie also had two. It was a heck of a lot of fun. My only complaint was for all the extraneous hoopla, lights flashing, very very loud music, and all sorts of other distractions. I would rather just watch the game. I almost got that goal on my IPhone right at the end of the video. You know how it is when you’re trying to turn the camera on and your finger sort of slides over the screen. And how about the Tampa player who caught the puck in his face mask? Oh, yes. There were three terrific fights. I heard that they were the best of the season. Unfortunately my IPhone had run out of juice at that time.

Here’s Loinfruit in his Caps fan outfit:

I’m sure he grew that beard just to irritate me. Hey, a lot of you out there have adult kids. You know what I’m talking about.




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