Last Night for Dinner…

Frau Grace served me left-overs.

Does that look good or WHAT?!!!

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27 or 28 Years Ago…

I was playing some pinball (I used to be a Tommy) at a bar in Fairfax, Virginia.

This guy from Sweden walks in. How he found me, who knows? I must have mentioned it somewhere.

He bought me a beer and I guess he won a teddy bear for me. Is this YOU?

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Royal Poinciana

This is the time of year when the Royal Poincianas are in bloom here in Florida. The trees are really beautiful. The only problem is that they produce huge ugly seed pods. And you can’t eat them.If you are interested in a particular comic strip original from years back, or if you would like and old on featuring a certain character, Email me. In a few weeks I’ll contact the Ohio State University Archives and retrieve them. Not all of my old originals are there. Some are privately owned, and some are in archives at the University of Lund in Sweden. I’ll do my best, but please let me know as soon as possible.


Back in 1991 Ernie was at the forefront of smartwatch technology…

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Old Original Strips

It’s June, and as I posted some months ago, if you are interested in a particular strip or strip with a certain character or situation, email me. I’ll see if I can retrieve it from the Ohio State University archives. I’ll wait a few weeks before I do it. But if you would like something, please let me know soon.

OK, this is about the only toy I had when I was a kid. My mother saved it. She had it squirreled away in a little box of her junk. (By the way, my mother passed away 14 years ago. She was 95) I remember when we were out shopping and I spotted it. I told her that I thought it was real neat. She surprised me with it at Christmas, I forget how old I was.

It’s a battle ship and a submarine. The neat thing about it was the sub shot a torpedo, and if your aim was good you would blow up the ship. Cool, huh? There are a couple of parts missing, a gun turret and the torpedo. I got a screwdriver bit to use as a torpedo. OK, check this out. It’s beyond cool.

I used to know a couple of submarine commanders. One had a nuclear sub. The other guy drove a diesel. They would have loved it.

From 1996:


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My Dictionary of Fishes.

My Pop bought this book when we moved to Anna Maria Island in 1951. I tried to find that big fish in the shark tank from my post yesterday, and that I could not identify. It’s not in here.

Still don’t know what that fish was.

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Sharks and Other Fish

Ok, this is the last of my Mote Aquarium stuff. First here’s Loinfruit in front of a Megalodon¬† jawbone.

One big shark. This is a mold of a pretty big hammerhead that was caught off Siesta Key:

I don’t know who the the guy is, but compare him to the shark. Whew! Behind him is the shark tank.

I don’t know what that big fish with the curved fins. Anybody know? The other big one is a tarpon. Here’s a fish with a big set of dentures:

A couple more fish.Very strange ones…

The Mote Aquarium is on St. Armand’s Key, that’s the beach west of Sarasota. It’s worth a visit. Adult admission is $22.

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Mote’s Sea Cows

I’ve mentioned before that I live in Manatee County, also that I went to Manatee High School, home of the Fighting Sea Cows. I also mentioned that sailors, after long voyages, thought sea cows were mermaids. (This was after very, very long voyages) There are two sea cows at the Mote Aquarium. These are ones that for some reason cannot be released into the wild.

Whoa! Did you see her shoot that little snot rocket at me?

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My Staghorn Fern

40 years ago or so, my mother had a huge staghorn fern. nowadays you see big staghorns all over the place, but back then it was the biggest by far in the Bradenton-Sarasota area. It got so huge that my mother gave it to Sarasota Jungle Gardens. They were pleased to take it. My sister grabbed a pup off the fern and kept it her house in Louisiana. When we bpought this house in Bradenton she brought it here. I stuffed it a stand of palms behind my house. My sister says I’m supposed to feed it bananas. Kind of like the Little Shop of Horrors.

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Mote Aquarium Turtle Conservation

One of the nice parts of the Mote complex is it’s conservation projects. The visitors’ fees help defray this cost. They work with seahorses, jellyfish (Why? The only people who eat jellyfish are Japanese and sea turtles.) and sea turtles.

That’s Loinfruit entering the exhibit. They work with several species of turtles which inhabit the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.

Oops. That last one doesn’t look too healthy. Over the years I’ve seen loggerheads on several occasions swimming in the Gulf. Here’s a green turtle in a tank. It doesn’t look real, does it?

They turtles that they keep are either being rescued from injuries, or they have a condition such that they couldn’t survive in the wild. There are two loggerheads there. One had a bacterial infection on it’s shell. I don’t know what was wrong with the other. They are very large. And they can be trained to recognize colors and shapes. As the attendant is feeding the turtle, she is also training it at the same time.


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Mote Aquarium 2

When I was a teenager, the classiest vacation rental on Anna Maria Island was The Blue Water Beach Club. Actually it was little more than a motel on the Gulf of Mexico. My mother worked there as a maid. This was in the late 1950s. If anybody rich or famous came to the Island, that’s where they stayed. Once Robert Taylor stayed there. My Aunt Mable happened to be visiting us at the time. My mother would collect Robert Taylor’s cigarette butts, and Aunt Mable would put them on string and wear them around her neck.

Mr. Mote stayed there as well. He was a millionaire who was very interested in marine conservation. He loved my mother, at least as a housekeeper. When they began developing the south end of Longboat Key, his was just about the first house they built there.¬† He wanted my mother to come and live with him and be his housekeeper. My mother was worried that it might not look so good, so she declined. Dammit. If she hadn’t been such a prude, maybe Mr. Mote would have adopted me.

Here’s a little collage of some of the displays that I put together…


That was Tiny Tim providing the vocals. I was a big fan.

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