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And the answer is…

Congratulations to those of you who identified the coloratura aria as The Laughing Song from Manon. Hey, not all Ernie fans are into Hip-Hop. And the answer is Amelita Galli-Curci. I’ve listened to a lot of sopranos. Next to my favorite of all time, Amelita, it has to be Joan Sutherland at number two. Whadda voice. Did you know that she was six foot two? You wonder how such a large woman could sing so high and so beautifully.  Amelita was a small person. She recorded that in 1917. She had to sing into a horn. It was long before electronic recording. It’s amazing how beautiful the sound is.

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Ernie’s DeSoto

When I was in college I owned a 58 Plymouth Belvedere. My friend, Mike Fick, owned a 57 DeSoto.  This was in the early 60’s. Half the time neither one of us could get our cars to crank over. Then Mike would call me, or I would call Mike. Whoever it was, if he could get his car started, he’d drive over to the other guys place or wherever his car broke down, and he would give his friend a push start. You had to get up to about 6o mph for it to work. It’s a wonder we’re not both dead. At least I’m not.I don’t know about Mike.

Sorry, no color version for my early Sundays.

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Hi there. I’ve been installing a safety rail on my hot tub. Ity’s never as easy as it looks. I found the paint in my garage. Close but no Macanuda.

 I had to do it. Two old people have fallen in the swimming pool trying to get out. Thank God they didn’t sue me. I’ll finish tomorrow.


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Nothing much today.





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In my considered opinion, Sluggo was a terrific comic character. If you know Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy, you know that it was one of the stupidest comics ever created. Ernie, himself, used to say when asked about what makes a comic strip successful. “Dumb it down”. And he was right. Nancy was so minimalistic. That’s what made it great. It was the kind of comic strip that you just had to read. And Sluggo always fascinated me. This collection is from Kitchen Sink’s   How Sluggo Survives. How does he? He’s a little kid, he lives alone in a shack with no money and no parents. But he gets by.

Is that stupid or what?

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Speaking of music…

I love this. My favorite coloratura aria. Can anyone identify the song and the singer?





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Fats Waller

Robert R. posted a comment that made me think of a certain Fats Waller song, Hold Tight. I bought a Fats CD years ago. But if you’ve never heard any of Fat’s songs, here’s one of his best.

I also have a great Ink Spots CD. Their version of Your Feet’s Too Big is even better than Fats’. The photo on this Youtube video shows Bill Kinney, their high tenor.  This particular song was recorded before he joined the group. Back when I was 19, my future mother-in-law (my first wife, not Frau Grace) had an Ink Spots LP. It was all Bill Kinney. I loved it She gave it to me and I still have it. Here is what is probably their most famous song.

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My pineapple

You might be interested. Frau Grace won’t let me buy pineapples any more because I plant the tops. She says we have enough pineapple bushes. Check it out. This one is going to have a baby:

Our house guests left this morning. I can finally sober up.

Have I promised anybody any particular dailies story? I seem to recall that I did, but I’m not sure. If I did and didn’t deliver, drop me an email.

This is from 2006. Effie goes into business:

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My truck

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