Collections of Ernie/Piranha Club Dailies

Each collection contains all the daily comic strips from the years listed in the titles plus some that didn’t make it past the editors. They are in black and white, no color. If you would like me to personalize a book, I can order it from the printer, personalize it as you wish, and then send it on to you. The charge will be $50 plus shipping. Otherwise you can order it from various printers. (If you already have a collection and you would like me to personalize it, I will be happy to do it free of charge. Just pay for the shipping.) Email Frau Grace.

To buy a book from a distributor, Google the book’s title to find the best price. I believe they are all available on Amazon. The 1978-1979, 1999-2000 and 2011-2012 are also available at at a reduced price. The books are either 8.5 x 8.5 inches or 8.5 x 11. (In the future, as I find time, I intend to reformat the 8.5 x 8.5 books to 8.5 x 11.) Here are the books and a sample page from each:

1. Ernie and the Piranha Club 1995-1996:

2. Ernie and the Piranha Club 1997-1998:

3. Ernie and the Piranha Club 1999-2000:

4. Ernie and the Piranha Club 2003-2004:

5. Ernie and the Piranha Club 2009-2010:

Eventually I hope to have the entire thirty years available in book form. That will include the Sundays. There is also a Kindle book that I did years ago which is available, but the printed books are better. And there is an old book titled Ernie Out of Control that you can find. Some of the prices that people ask are outrageous. There were also lots of Norwegian and Swedish books printed, but I don’t know if they are still available. There were also tons of comic books, but I don’t know about them. I did a bit of work on a Swedish Christmas album this past year as well.

Collections of Single Panel Magazine Cartoons

I also have two collections of single panel magazine cartoons from before I started Ernie. These are available on Amazon. Again, Google around and you might find a better price.

1. Guess Who Got Lucky. It contains 125 black and white cartoons. This book is not appropriate for children.

2. What’s New in Science. The book contains 150 science related cartoons, a few of which are a bit arcane and may be appreciated only by scientists. Here is one of my favorites:

I have one more single panel book planned for the future.