Frau Grace’s New Potting Bench

About ten or twelve years ago I built a potting bench for Frau Grace:

She says that it’s too nice to pot plants on, so I spent today building another one for her. I got caught in rain delay so I’ll finish tomorrow.

You didn’t know that I was an accomplished carpenter, did you?


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2 Responses to Frau Grace’s New Potting Bench

  1. Chris M says:

    Beautiful work, Bud. All #1 needs is for you to take a torch and scorch the top. It would help if you chopped it a bit with a hatchet beforehand. Then slop some old chemicals and bleach around to tune it up.

    My potting bench is an old wooden hatch cover found on a beachcombing trip 50 years ago. It must have floated for another fifty years before it washed up. I patched the rotten spots with brick mortar. Then I tuned it up with some used motor oil. I can’t hurt it, needless to say.

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