My old friend…

My old high school friend, Bob Pope, was up last week. I’ve mentioned him before. Heck of a nice guy. He has a PhD in bugs. He used to show up in Mrs. McCarty’s biology class with jars full of dead bugs. He taught at Miami Dade for many years. He’s retired from that, and he has a nursery in Homestead selling tropical plants, mainly wholesale. Most of what he sells goes to South East Asia. It’s hard to believe, but he can put a 12 foot palm tree in a crate, put it on a boat, and three months later, when they open the crate in Indonesia, the tree is just fine.

He still has his boyhood home here in Bradenton, and he comes up every three months or so. And he usually brings us strange tropical fruits or plants. This time he brought three fruits called mamey sapote.

He tells me that the fruit is very popular in Cuba. The flesh is kind of mushy, and it tastes like chocolate and pumpkin. He says it’s very good in smoothies, especially when it’s combined with mango. The large seed, about 2.5 inches long is pretty keen. He says that people in Cuba often put 0ne on a string and wear it around their necks.

He also brought me a beautiful plant called a Brazilian lily. Thanks, Bob.

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  1. AndyW says:

    Good to have a friend like Bob!

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