Time to clean up the ol’ drawing table

Look at this:

Everything a cartoonist needs and then some. By the way, I made that wooden tray about 40 years ago when I first started to cartoon. Let me spread it out…Think this is enough pens and pencils? I’ve got three times as many in my junk drawer. But there are some items that I just can’t do without. Those two stones at the bottom I found in some place out West in 1971. They’re called prairie agates. I’ve had the Moon Mullins patch for about 50 years as well. That piece of quartz I found in a stream in Georgia when I worked at the University of Georgia, ’72-’73. There’s a clip from Charlestown racetrack that I’ve had for 20 years. That broken toothpick will come in handy some day. So will the rabbit teeth.

And look what else I found. My newborn baby toe tag:


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8 Responses to Time to clean up the ol’ drawing table

  1. Tom B says:

    I have the same folding knife shown in your first pic. Bought in the early 70s when I was in the service. I believe it was a Buck (not the cost, the manufacturer).

    • Bud Grace says:

      One knife, the biggest one was given to me by my Uncle Aub 50 years ago. Uncle Aub was a fat guy who never bathed. It’s a K-Bar. The green one is a Girl Scout knife that belonged to Frau
      grace when she was a girl. The other one is a real fine knife. It says “Browning” on the blade. About 4 years ago I was flying out of Sarasota and security said I couldn’t bring the tiny knife (1 inch blade) that was on my key chain. I took it to a counter where you could get it mailed to your residence. I filled out the envelope and paid to have it sent. They screwed up and sent me this great knife instead. Lucky me.

  2. klasakepersson says:

    Elchtest, nice little bottle, is that 20 percent alcohol that’s in US 40 proof?
    Elk Test means that a car can avoid an obstacle on the road without troubles and return to the right lane. Good roadholding.

    Elk test. If you drink it, leave your car behind.

  3. Nosegirl says:

    You really need a “like” button on your posts. Did you ever make an account on Facebook?

    • Bud Grace says:

      Good thinking. I’ll see what I can do about the like button. They have it on YOuTube. I don’t know abut Vimeo. Also I started a Facebook page. I just have to find time to do it. I had one years ago. Now it seems much more complicated. I also have Linkedin. I just don’t have a whole lot of time to take care of everything.

  4. klasakepersson says:

    This is the ÃĪlgtest, or in german elchtest,

    best regards

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