About my original web site

I started it in 1996. As I mentioned, it was tedious because back then I had to write all the html code.

Here’s an example.

In addition there were several other pages: Sid’s real estate, Effie’s recipe contest, Piranha Club membership, and other stuff I don’t remember. I only updated it once a week. If you know what you’re doing you might be able to copy that code create a page. The name of the file is special.html. I can click on that file on my computer, and it opens it in my browser.

You notice that the pages take longer to load now. That’s because of the encryption process.

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2 Responses to About my original web site

  1. Divad says:

    I remember the old site well. As a member in poor standing, I had the secret password to the Inner Sanctum. However, someone clever enough to not pay the membership fee found the link to the Sanctum and showed you could just paste that into your browser and get there. Sid had cheap security back then.

    I went looking at the Internet Archive, to see if they had anything saved from back in those days. I couldn’t find anything for the strip, but I did find this Piranha Club:


    • Bud Grace says:

      How about that. I wonder if they got it from me. Probably not. And I remember that I had some tricky way of securing entry to the club. It was clever. I forgot what I did. As I find time I’ll look into it. I’ll also see if I can dig up Sid’s lod real estate page.

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