I’m getting tired of this

And I’m sure you are as well re: error 406. Here’s what Peter K commented:

Apple sneaked in an undocumented “security update” under cover of its updates to iPadOS 14.5 and iTunes for macOS. This caused the 406 “error” on Bud’s website on an iPad which had not been updated and which was miraculously cured by installing the 14.5 update. Apple’s error message egregiously tried to place the blame on website owners. The iTunes update on a Mac also causes problems with loading some previously working web addresses which Apple now claims are not meeting some “protocol” – presumably one they have just invented themselves?

Has anyone who isn’t using Mac equipment had the same error?  As Peter says, if you have an IPad or Mac of any kind, if you’ve updated to  OS 14.5, that might be the problem. My IPad works fine, and I have OS 14.4, not 14.5.

I hate the way Apple keeps updating systems. I still use my 2011 IMac for graphics. As you Mac users know, with Catalina and later, all your 32 bit software becomes obsolete. I have an external bootable drive with High Sierra that I can use when my old IMac buys the farm. That’s been a wonderful machine for a long long time.

I have  plugin called WP Security.  I’ll try deactivating that and see if it helps. Thanks for keeping me informed.

Now what the heck is this “Categories widget on the right side? Geeze!


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9 Responses to I’m getting tired of this

  1. Tom B says:

    Still no problem here. Using Chrome on Windows 10.

  2. Russ says:

    And no problem on my chromebook/ChromeOS.

  3. Lennart Ramberg says:

    I am using Windows 10 and Firefox on a PC, and am not near any IPad or Mac of any kind.
    I had the 406 error for a few days and my temporary workaround was using Edge.
    After those few days I could revert to Firefox. No special actions on my side.

    You had me worried there for a while. I start every day with visiting budgrace.com to get in a good mood.
    Thanks and regards

  4. Victor says:

    No problem for me now.
    Thank you!

  5. Stewart says:

    Firefox on Windows 10, got error for several days, ok now.

  6. AndyW says:

    On Safari – no problem on my end. Using a MacBook Pro, though, and not my iPad.

  7. Nosegirl says:

    Can see Nostrildamus perfectly!

  8. Robert R says:

    I did not get the error. So I have to pay extra to get one?

  9. Robert R says:

    I did not get the error. So I have to pay extra to get one?

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