Apparently the 406 errorĀ  was caused by the WP Security plugin. And I found out why the “categories” widget was on the right side under the calendar. My idiot assistant (F.G.) was messing around. She’s trying to set up new ones or reorganize the other pages on the menu. We’ll get it figured out eventually. Thanks for all your comments. They really help.


(And I don’t want to hear any guff from you ladies out there because I referred to F.G. as my idiot assistant. Reread that last panel. That’s for real.)




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4 Responses to Howdy

  1. Bob says:

    Does Frau Grace actually call you “Poop for Brains”?
    Or does she call you something similar that couldn’t be printed in a family newspaper?
    Perhaps “S#it for Brains”

    I know that my wife sometimes resorts to this too.

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