A Special Announcement

Thanks for your comments about my AC. I’ve been paying the AC company that installed my unit 3 years and 3 weeks ago $184 a year for maintenance. What a rip-off. It looks like there’s a crack in the drip pan. It’s inaccessible unless you remove all the innards out of the air handler. I took off the two covers and looked at it. There’s no way I can fix it. The guy said it would take two men three hours to do the job. Incidentally, they also have a plumbing service. I have a clogged drain that I wanted cleared. I paid them something over $500 for them to tell me that for another $1300 they’d do the job. Hey, there’s one born every minute.


Now a very special ANNOUNCEMENT.

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4 Responses to A Special Announcement

  1. Lisa B. says:

    The sound effects for Louise’s decking of Harold were perfect.

  2. Robert R says:

    I predict that crap will still run down hill.

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