Monday, Memorial Day 2021

Here’s a big THANK YOU from me to all those heroes who served. I’m a member of the American Legion, not as a veteran, but as the son of a veteran. My father’s mother lied about his age in 1917 so he could enlist. He was 16 years old. He served on the USS Arkansas. Afterward he was a merchant seaman for several years. I’m sure we, all of us, salute our heroes, especially those who did not return.

Here’s a couple weeks of an alien invasion. It’s from 2001:

The Squat ‘n’ Gobble was in a college/redneck bar in Tallahassee. It was the Pastime. There was a barbershop in there for awhile, one of the brothers who owned it had been a barber. They closed that and some guys started the S&G. It lasted about a year. Later they put some washing machines in there. That didn’t work either. In the back was a huge poolroom. The bartender for such a long time was Mrs. Kitty Galimore. She was great. She served me my first legal beer. I could go in there and for 50 cents get a glass of beer and a hotdog. I spent many, many hours in the Pastime.

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  1. Scott says:

    WWI, amazing.

    In WWII, my dad joined the Navy and served in the pacific theater, enlisting right after Pearl Harbor. He had been informally adopted as a child, which he only found out when he needed a birth certificate to sign up and found out his name and background was something very different. (By informally adopted we mean he was kidnapped, but the kidnappers were nice and interesting people.) Upon tracking down his birth family, we found that all of his brothers and sisters, without exception, also signed up right after Pearl Harbor as well. Mostly Navy but one Marine.

    It was in the Philippines that he first met and got together with other members of his tribe. This group was instrumental in the movement to restore tradition and language when they returned from the war.

    As far as I can tell I don’t have a single relative who served in WWI. But my grandfather served in the Spanish-American War. Before that my relatives were fighting against, or rather defending themselves from, the US.

    • Bud Grace says:

      Your dad was a native American I gather. I seem to recall an old movie about a Native American in WWII. Wasn’t one of the marines who lifted the flag on Iwo Jima a Native American? If I recall, he might have been Navajo. I just looked it up. He was a Pima Native American named Ira Hayes.

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