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Chris M passed on some advice to me in case I used Amazon devices which I don’t. But some of you may. Here’s what he sent:

*I’m writing in case you use Amazon smart devices like ** Alexa, Echo, Ring, and Smart TVs with an Amazon app.   I recognize that this warning may not pertain to you.*
Most of us tune out on technical gibberish, even when it concerns us.  It’s easy to say I have nothing to hide and other defenses.  But you do still lock your doors and windows, right?

You may have read of Amazon Sidewalk.  It affects Smart Devices.  Here’s a summary.

What could possibly go wrong by sharing your network-connected devices with anyone within several hundred yards?  And each new one it finds searches for the next available one?
Purportedly it’s to “enhance” your alarm and security capabilities.
But it reaches much farther than that.  It is invasive, to say the least.
Today, your cameras and mikes.  Then your browsing.  There is no end to it.
Alexa, Echo, Ring, and all smart devices with an Amazon app are at risk.
Amazon is only allowing till June 8 to opt out.  You can change your mind later.

Here are step-by-step instructions to protect yourself.  Pass this around if you like:

It also violates the terms of service of virtually all providers to share your bandwidth.*

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