Tuesday… About dreams

The first dream that I remember was when I was three years old. Perhaps I remember it because it was so exciting. A witch had grabbed me, and she took me flying on her magic carpet. I’ve always had vivid dreams. I dream all night long. The dreams are always in color, and although I’ve read that you don’t hear what is going on in your dreams, I do occasionally. They say this is a survival mechanism. You want to know if a cave bear or one of those guys like in the beginning of Quest for Fire is sneaking up on you.  (That’s one of my very favorite movies. Ron Perlman played a Neanderthal and he didn’t need makeup. My favorite actors are Ron Perlman and Danny Trejo.)  But I hear in my dreams, not too often, but I do hear stuff like music or people talking. I had one of those dreams last night. You think you have nightmares?  Geeze. Frau Grace and I had just sat down in a restaurant. I looked back and about three tables behind me there was a really creepy guy sitting there with his meal in front of him. He was middle aged, about 5’8″, with dark hair, a square jaw, and he needed a shave. He was wearing a dark blue grey pinstriped suit.  He wasn’t eating his food. He was picking his nose. He’d roll the booger for a while, and then he’d pop it in his mouth and chew it. I got really nauseous. I spoke to the manager and complained. The manager felt bad about it. He told me that this guy ate there all the time. And he picked his nose all the time. He was really quite sorry, but there was not much he could do to stop him. By this time I was really, really nauseous. Thank God that woke me up.  I wonder if Little Buddy in school had anything to do with it.


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