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5 Responses to Thursday

  1. andyW says:

    Love the clip!

  2. AndyW says:

    I should add that my sixth grade teacher was like that – we were her first class when she graduated so we were about ten years apart in age. 1959 was a long time ago, but some of still gather, with her, for reunions.

    • Bud Grace says:

      My favorite teachers were Mrs.Lark in the fifth grade -her son, Hank, was in the class with me – and my very favorite was my 10th grade English teacher, Mrs. Parrish. I loved her. She was around 96 when she passed away. Once she graded me wrong after a test. I had missed one question on a test that she caught, but when I got my paper back I noticed that I had missed a question that she didn’t catch. After class I took it up to her an said “Mrs. Parrish, you made a mistake. I deserved a B, not an A”. She said “I’ll never forget you.” She didn’t. You may not believe this, but I never cheated in all my years of education. Except once. Eighth grade in Mr. Anderton’s English class. Sandy Aldridge was the prettiest girl in school. She sat behind me. We had a test. She whispered “Buddy, what’s the answer to number three?” I told her.

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