Sunday – Ybbs (Wherever that is) I forgot to post this yesterday

Actually it’s in Austria. Ybbs isn’t much of a town…

But outside of Ybbs is the palace of Archduke Ferdinand whose assassination along with his wife’s was the major factor in the launching of WWI. He was archduke rather than king because his wife wasn’t royal enough. He was devoted to her, and forewent the crown. One thing about him that I learned and I didn’t like much was that he was an rabid hunter. Hunting is ok, but this guy shot over 20,000 animals all over the world. Geeze, Ferd, back off. This was his palace.

In a huge crypt under the palace lay members of his family. His and his wife’s sarcophagi lie apart from the others:

The best part was that I got to meet his great grand daughter, Countess Alix. She was so sweet and charming. It was a genuine honor.

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  1. Greg Fink says:

    Love that picture with the countess. She was a sport to pose that way.

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