Friday – Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava was a pleasant surprise. All throughout Eastern Europe the people condemned the Soviet Republic for the damage they did to the economy and their culture. In Bratislava they tore down the beautiful old Jewish neighborhood to make way for a bridge and ramps. According to one of our guides, there are some old people in Eastern Europe who miss the communists. Back then you didn’t have to work hard and basic needs were provided. The younger people would rather have their freedom.

Neat statues here and there.

Hans Christian Anderson visited Bratislava, and they loved him. Here’s his statue with several of his characters. There were about five as I remember. The rest are behind him, including the Ugly Duckling. You grab his finger for good luck.A very large promenade. We stopped for a beer.

They also like mead. Look at all the different flavors.

I loved the feel of the city.

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  1. Bob says:

    So, Hans Christian Anderson does the “pull my finger” gag?

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