Saturday – The Hapsburgs

The Hapsburg family ruled great swaths of Europe from the 1200’s until the end of WWI. Earlier I posted a photo of me and Countess Alix, the great granddaughter of Archduke Ferdinand. She’s a Hapsburg. The  Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna was built beginning in the 13th century, and they were still working on it until 1918 or so. The Hapsburgs wanted the palace to rival Versailles. Well, it’s the second most opulent and decadent estate in Europe and probably the world. It has 1410 rooms. What does it cost to heat the joint? We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the joint, but, take it from me, it beat my old digs on El Rauncho Street. Here’s the front yard:

The back yard. There’s another garden on the right just like this one. I wish I could grow flowers like that.

Looking back across the back yard to the big fountain and on top to the hill, I think it’s a stoa. The hill was too steep for me to climb.

This is from the big fountain looking over the back yard

Lots of fountains. This is just one of them:

Yes, that U No Hoo, the tree hugger

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