Sunday – Budapest

Budapest is two cities, Buda one one side of the Danube and Pest on the other. Buda was the original seat of the government, and the old palace and fortifications are there, There are lpots of caverns in the hill. Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned there in a dark hole for a few years. No Wonder he went nuts. The Pope was coming the next day, and I think Merkel was also due in, so there was a lot of stuff going on, like several government motorcades.

This is Pest viewed from the center of the photo above:

The big cathedral on the hill:

Houdini was from Buda. This was close to the church:

This monument to freedom was put there by the Soviets. The Hungarians call it the Big Beer Can Opener. Under that hill are the caverns, including a spa, a monastery and the prison caves.

Mother Packer visits the hardware store…

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5 Responses to Sunday – Budapest

  1. Andy@ says:

    Love the photos, Bud. I really need to get over there. I’ve been traveling as well… but only to Iowa. Not the same.

  2. Mary Ellen Beebe says:

    Now listen, there are good things to see in Iowa besides corn. Give me a little time and I will think of some!

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