One last thing about Budapest, near to where the boats dock is a huge indoor market which sells, not only tourist junk, But all the groceries you could ever dream of. I think it must have been a huge railroad station or maybe a factory at one time.

The tourist stuff and clothing shops are mainly on the upper level. Here’s what’s down below:

There must have been 20 butcher shops and the same number of vegetable stands.

See the heads and feet on the dead chickens? Are you partial to intestines and other kinds of pig guts? Hearts? Kidneys? Spleens? Stomachs? We got ’em. Effie would be in Paradise.

That’s some mighty fine eatin’!

And look at all the different kinds of wild mushrooms.

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7 Responses to Tuesday

  1. Hi Bud, nice pictures from the food market. But where are the octopii?

    Best regards,

    Henrik in Sweden

    • Bud Grace says:

      Correct! The fish they have in Eastern Europe are mainly river fish like catfish and perch. They have salmon and some other ocean varieties, but they are either smoked or preserved some other way or frozen. What they lack in fish they make up for with a zillion different sausages.

  2. Mary Ellen Beebe says:

    Visited here a few times. Loved their market. Enjoyed looking at all the foods. Remember seeing skinned pig’s heads. Also something that looked like a skinned cat (it wasn’t) in the meat cases. Tried to ask what it was, but with the language problem, couldn’t understand what the butcher said. It is a memorable place. Was crowded one of the times I was there and I got my pocket picked! First time ever. Didn’t lose much, though (never carry much).

  3. John Paszulya says:

    I was born in Budapest. Immigrated to the U.S. in 1957 when I was 7 years old. Been back ther 3 times. Praque is better.

    • Bud Grace says:

      I lost two days worth of photos I took in Prague. What a beautiful city, especially in and around the Jewish sector. And the buildings are maintained much better than im the other countries.

  4. John Paszulya says:

    Can’t spell THERE

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