The most beautiful building in Belgrade, Serbia, is the Church of Saint Sava. It’s nearing completion after a hundred years or so.

It’ almost 300 feet tall. The dome weighs 4000-tons. It took like 3 months to get it up there. But the inside is what’s incredibly beautiful. The guide told us how many mosaic tiles were on the walls. Several million as I remember. The mosaics weigh in at 400 tons, most plated in 24 carat gold. It’s just incredible.

This is the central dome:

I’d start going to church again if we had something like that in Bradenton.

In front of St Sava is a statue of a very fampous Serbian genius:

If you can’t read the inscription, it’s Nikola Tesla.

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  1. Robert R says:

    Seems a Honey Badger would more his speed.

  2. Robert R says:

    Does he live where you could sail a 50 foot yacht? Years ago I had a 30 footer/quarter tonner and it was very easy to go aground in Galveston bay.

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