I’ve corrected the 91-92 collection thanks to Torbjörn.  In case you have the book, this  the missing strip, one I liked very much:

The first mistake about the Quacko story was the result of my trying to correct a previous mistake in the story and screwing it up. I checked, and I had prepared the story in 2019.

Also, the pages in the Piranha of the Year story were out of order. Page 4 should have been page 2, page 3 should have been page 4, and page 2 should have been page 3. Or something like that. The reason this happened was because I had labeled page 2 in the story inconsistent with the other pages. I wrote a little routine to insert the pages into my word document automatically, and the file names of the pages in that story were out of order. But everything has been corrected now. I think.

But where am I? Oh, yes, Belgrade…

Many shops specialize in Orthodox religious pictures and items.

Rakia seems to be the national drink of Serbia and Slovakia:

This is the ancient fortification, ‎⁨Kalemegdan. The city is to the left in this picture This is the confluence of the Sava and the Danube. Belgrade proper is in the distance.

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