The Iron Gates of the Danube

First, my unofficial copy editor, Torbjörn, alerted me to some problems in the 93-94 book. So if you were waiting to get a copy, wait until I fix it. Thanks, Torbjörn.

I found a better shot of the Golubac Fortress

Remember I said the road at one time went through the fort? Here’s a shot of the road. It hugs the Danube on the Serbian side. The other side of the river is Romania.

Here are some videos of cruising down the Iron Gates. I had to mute some of the sounds because of the wind noise. In the gorge, especially, it’s quite windy. You can read about the grotto and the Roman monument at the end of the video in the link from yesterday. The river is much higher than it was in ancient times because of the construction of the locks. The monument was raised when they built them.


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  1. Tommy Nyberg says:

    The Piraha club apparently has a subdivision here in Sweden. Read this article in today’s newspaper. It looks like a perfect Piraha story.

    “The police were alerted at 01.15 on Monday night to Agnesberg, where three people were caught on camera by a metal company.
    – You see there three people leaving the area with goods. They disappear over the adjacent railway track towards a forest area, says Anna Göransson, the police’s spokesperson.
    – It is some form of enclosure they have gone through, which faces the train track.
    Due to the escape route of the people, the police decided to stop the train traffic, and when they arrived at the scene, the dog patrol began to track
    In the forest area, the police found three men, all in their 20s and 25s, who could be arrested on suspicion of theft.

    – There must have been about 40 hubcaps that were stolen.

    The train stop could be lifted at 01.40 “

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