Driving through Bulgaria

We docked at a little town called Vidin and bussed to a place called Belogradchick at the edge of the Carpathians. Incidentally, the Iron Gates go through the lower part of the Carpathians. The mountain chain is almost 1000 miles long. tomorrow I’ll post photos of  Kaleto, the unique sandstone formations there. But today, here’s what the Bulgarian countryside looks like.

There are lots of abandoned factories from the communist period.

The farmland goes on forever.

I found some more nice shots that I took while we were sailing through the Iron Gates between Serbia and Romania.

  Looking back at it after we passed…The great stone face. It’s supposed to be some ancient king. It’s really not that old.


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  1. steve says:


    While reading today’s blog, I had been listening to a dance from the other side of Bulgaria. Here’s a sample:


    • Bud Grace says:

      Very interesting music. I looked up Dobruja in Wikipedia. It lies in Romania and Bulgaria on the Black Sea. Our cruise stopped in a city called Oltenita, just before we entered the area.

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