Bucharest, Romania

Romania is different from the rest of Slavic East Europe. It was settled by the Romans, and while there are Slavs and Germans there, the culture is very Western. They don’t use the Cyrillic alphabet, and the average income is higher than in the Slavic countries. The average monthly income is about 800 Euros per month, and the people seem prosperous.

The seat of government is the second largest government building in the world, second only the the Pentagon.

I paced the building off. I seem to remember that it was 400 yards long. Twelve stories are underground. There are a lot of empty offices.

On Sunday the close off the main street downtown to vehicular traffic. Everyone goes out for a stroll.

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  1. David says:

    Dear Bud

    Thanks so much for the great photos of your trip – especially since it was of places not often see by us westerners.

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