Fortified Church

This was in the town of Bod Prejmer just outside Brazov, Romania, on the  west side of the Carpathians. For details look here. First, in the town there were stork nests:

The fortified churches in Romania were begun in the 13th Century. The church was surrounded by a high wall, and in the wall were built rooms, kind of like a Motel 8. On the perimeter at the entrance were rooms for soldiers. These were improved later on. I’m sure their barracks weren’t quite so nifty back at the beginning. After this you go through another gate to the church and the rooms.

The rich families got the good rooms.

There were shops. Incidentally, this was the size of most of the rooms.

And on the top level around the entire perimeter, like an attic, there was a passageway where the soldiers could defend the building and church.

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