Sorry, I ran out of time today. No vacation slides. (Do I hear distant cheering?) But relax. Only two more days of it and it’s over. I may not get it done tomorrow. A lot on my table just now. BTW, the 03-04-05 Sunday book is tantamount to completion. (You didn’t know that I knew such a big word, did you?)

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  1. Tom B says:

    I see the handle on the hair culler machine change from black to white and back again. Magic?

  2. Lennart Ramberg says:

    Re “tantamount”:
    The three major reasons I begin each day with reading Buddy’s Blog are:
    – I learn new words
    – I get glimpses of Florida where I spent a couple of years in the 70’s
    – I can dig into the workaday salt mine with a smile.

    • Bud Grace says:

      Get retired like me. Of course my job wasn’t a salt mine. The only thing I would have rather done is to have been a big fat opera star. That’s got to be a kick.

  3. Robert R says:

    I read because I don’t know any better.

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