Brasov, Romania

Just so you know, The 03-04-05 Sunday book is done. I’ve ordered a proof copy, and when I’ve approved it, it will be available. I’ll certainly let you know. Also I’ve corrected errors in the 97-98 book, thanks to Torbj√∂rn. Tomorrow (assuming I remember) I’ll show you the corrections.


Brasov lies in a valley of the Carpathians northeast of Bucharest. Romania got Transylvania as a result of WWI. It’s from there we went to visit Bran Castle (Dracula, you know), and yesterday’s fortified church. Brasov, like most of the cities in Eastern Europe, is very old with lots of history.

Notice the BRASOV sign on the top of the ridge that they copied from the HOLLYWOOD sign. Next pict is an ancient gate from the old walled city.

This is the town square that really bustles. I took the photo before the crowds arrived:

There’s a lift up to the top of the ridge in the middle of the photo. If you look to the right you see the BRASOV sign.

Arnoldine is still at it…

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