The Pearl

The old Pearl Brewery in San Antonio, long since out of business, has been transformed into a lovely residential neighborhood. The can factory, brewery buildings are now high end residences.


That last shot used to be the stables.

Yesterday’s strip was out of order. Here is the way it should have been:


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5 Responses to The Pearl

  1. Robert R says:

    Eh, the two women look the same except for the color of their hair on their head.

  2. Andy@ says:

    I miss the days of regional beers – Hamm’s and Grain Belt in Minnesota, A-1 in Arizona, Rainier in Seattle, Old Style in Chicago, etc. Fun to travel to various places and taste “their” beer. Budweiser killed ’em.

    • Bud Grace says:

      First time I went west in 73 I did the beer tasting. Hamms, Lone Star, Rainier, Coors and a few more I can’t remember. Very good beer. I can’t stand Bud. It’s like sugar water to me. I usually buy Hofbrau. German beer is the best. Carlsberg from Denmark is also good.

  3. Divad says:

    I never had Pearl, but when I was in my teen years, in the early years of craft brewing, the El Paso paper did a beer taste test, comparing one “good” beer (Sam Adams, I think), to a bunch of cheap mass market beers, including Pearl (“The sludge of San Antone”) and LoneStar. The beer snobs did the blind tasting, and when one of them got to Pearl, he spit it out, correctly identified it, and yelled at the organizers for sneaking it in.

    I later met someone who claimed to like Pearl. He said the best part of drinking it was picking up the head and rolling it into a little ball.

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