The Natural Bridge Cavern

I just noticed that the host messed up my December 7 post. I’ve updated it if you’d like to check it.  Click on Dec 7 in the calendar on the right.The cavern is about 30 miles north of the city. This is the “Natural Bridge” that leads to the cavern. What happened was part of the roof collapsed.

This wasn’t the most spectacular cave I’ve ever been in. Luray in Virginia is better as are several other caves I’ve been in. Seen one, seen ’em all. 45 years ago I used to go caving in Climax Cave not too far north of Tallahassee in Georgia. It wasn’t commercial. and there were no trespassing signs posted. You went down into a sinkhole on a rope, then though a small entrance into an immense chamber, much much bigger than the San Antonio cave. At the far end was a tiny tunnel where you had to squirm along on your belly for about 50 feet to get to the inner rooms. It went on and on, all very spectacular. Deep in the cave there were beautiful ponds where you could take a dip in the chilly water. It was easy to get lost coming out. There were old strings strewn all over the place. There was a large tunnel that looked like the exit, but if you followed it, it got narrower and narrower till it closed up.

Back to San Antonio:

The guide said the bat poop was 2000 years old.

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  1. Robert R says:

    Is this the San Marcos cave?

  2. AndyW says:

    What camera are you using? Great photos! Is it your phone?

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