Torbjörn gave me a link in Comments to Tom Leher’s website. He was incredibly talented. Maybe I like him because he was a mathematician. My undergraduate degree was math. If you’ve never heard him go here. His Poisoning Pigeons in the Park takes me back to Don Martin. I had a subscription to Mad Magazine when I was 13. I had the subscription because of Don Martin. I was a real fanboy. Many years later he was testifying in Washington about how publishers take the rights away from cartoonists. William Gaines of Mad was about as bad as they come in that regard. Well, I met Don, and guess what. He was a fan of U No Hoo. We became friends. He died a few years later of Leukemia. So sad to see him pass on.

If you can find it, my favorite Don Martin cartoon story was the guy feeding pigeons in the park. It was probably 1955 or 1956. I read it over and over.

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  1. Torbjörn Andersson says:

    I never had a MAD subscription, even though there was a Swedish version of the magazine, but my local library had one so I got to read it there.

    The most distinctive features in my mind were always Don Martin, Spy vs Spy, the “fold-ins” and, of course, Mort Drucker. With the nearest cinema being a few miles away, his spoofs were the next best thing.

    Though for the longest time, I thought his signature said “QRT Drucker” and I just couldn’t figure out what that was supposed to mean.

  2. Torbjörn Andersson says:

    My copy of “The Completely MAD Don Martin” (one of those frightfully heavy collections that would probably kill you if you tried to read it in bed) has a story from “#33 June 1957” titled “The Unfortunate Part of Feeding Pigeons Homemade Popcorn”. I assume that’s the one you mean? It ends with the lines:

    “Hey, Mister . . . this is the best popcorn I ever tasted! How do you make it?”
    “I make it with arsenic! I hate pigeons!”

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