A little more about Pyton

Here are some images from Pyton

Dag Kolstad was not only the editor, he also appeared as a character in the magazine. He was known as The Editor, and he was always depicted wearing dark glasses as a disguise. One of the mainstay artists was Arild Midthon who, the last time I saw him, was a foremost Donald Duck (Kalle Anka) cartoonist. In Pyton he used a pen name, and for good reason. Most of the features were juvenile, aimed at a juvenile readership. Hunt Emerson also published there.

Here are a few good ones that Frederick E sent me:


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  1. Torbjörn Andersson says:

    Off-topic, I know, but since there’s already been a link to a Spike Jones Christmas song, here’s a link to a Spike Jones New Year song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZSUSzvU6-4

    (Some of the jokes wouldn’t have been completely out of place in Ernie / The Piranha Club.)

  2. Robert R says:

    Another classic. I am a Spike Jones fan. Imagine what he could do with rap.

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