And here I am in sunny Florida…

…while all you Eskimos (am I allowed to use that word? It’s hard to tell anymore) while all you  igloo dwellers (is that ok?) are bracing for a huge winter storm. You can have it and good luck. Didn’t Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express take place on a train buried in the snow? Well Frederick E sent me a great video the other day:


Tomorrow, if I can remember, I’ll tell you a joke that this reminds me of.

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4 Responses to And here I am in sunny Florida…

  1. Tom B says:

    Cool video. My favorite was the person that just stood there and got knocked over.

  2. Robert R says:

    Choo choo trains are neat. Wife and I are members of two railroad historical societies. One thing to consider is that in times of stress the trains are normally the last thing to shut down

  3. AndyW says:

    Fun Video. Reminds me of my Minnesota days. That’s why I’m in Arizona.

    • Bud Grace says:

      In response to all the train comments, when I was a little kid my mother used to take me on a trolley in Wilmington DE. Then they tore up the tracks. Even then I knew it was a huge mistake. In Europe they still have trains that take you almost anywhere you would care to go. What we need in this country is public transportation, and by that I mean rails. I don’t drive back and forth between florida and D.C. any longer. I take the Autotrain. It goes between Sanford FL, just northeast of Orlando, to Lorton VA, just Southwest of D.C. I’d travel much more if rail travel were convenient.

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