I didn’t realize it, but this didn’t go through. I schedule for 6:00 EST, and assume it will be posted. Sorry.

Nothing much. Yesterday I bought a new IPadĀ  Pro, 12.9. I bought my old one in 2017, and it was pretty well beat up, cracked screen and all. I use it to draw on my IMac. There’s an app called Astropad that mirrors the screen from my old IMac to the pad. I use it with Photoshop to draw with the Apple pen. I use my old IMac (2011) for Photoshop because the new IMacs all use 64 bit and the new OS’s don’t support my Photoshop CS 5.1. So I have two IMacs, plus I also have an old Macbook Air. Over the years since 1995 I’ve bought about 15 computers, not just for me of course. Frau Grace has two.

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  1. AndyW says:

    I had the same problem – my Adobe Creative Suite wouldn’t work on a new Mac. Paid Adobe $250/year for InDesign and then found Affinity Photo to replace PhotoShop – I love it! At only $50 one-time, it’s a great deal. I expanded to Affinity Design (for Illustrator) and now am working with Affinity Publisher (for InDesign). Low cost, free upgrades and great software. So far I don’t miss Acrobat Pro. My bet is that some day Adobe will buy Affinity and charge rental fees for it.

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